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An insight into studio The Faketory

Martijn Crowe is an artist who sells his work in over 6 countries worldwide. He has had exhibitions all over the world. His main workspaces are currently in Amsterdam and Sao Paolo. He combines videos with photos and paintings, always updating current projects and processes on his websites.

The subjects he chooses to portray are based on social interaction and reflect on the human condition. For him a portrait can only be realized after making a real connection the person or artifact presented in the image. The relation and the connection the artist has with his subject forms the art that Martijn Crowe makes, and not the portrait or painting which is merely the by-product of true connection.

He chooses to portray unseen people and artifacts of the world, like Drag Queens, the Homeless, Children who live in poverty and Elderly people. In his studio work he is looking for alternative definitions of the objects he portrays. Thus he is creating a world that is beyond the common world which raises the immaculate question: “how real is reality?”

In Martijn's work the question revolves around what it's effect is on the viewer as a participant in the never ending process of experiencing the world.

Martijn wrote 13 books on philosophy and art. Of these books, 3 are taught at Universities.


Martijn Crowe
Tel: 0617385262

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