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Assembled by Root

Assembled by Root Rotterdam

Philine van den Hul always tries to fill up a space using, repeatable objects or large series of paintings and drawings.
This time, Philine explored the space between somebody behind his windowsill and the viewer outside of the windowsill by using actual window-frames and thin thread. The installation is about the ‘not touchable space between the public space and your private space’. Although you think there is a certain distance or space between the two, there actually isn’t. You need to explore the space yourself by walking around the objects and see through them and let your eyes take find new perspectives.

Assembled by Root Rotterdam (2)

Blue is not a color. In daily life we know it as either air, water or coming darkness. These are changing blues, gradients and flows of broken light. Neither of those blues is ever as defined or perfected a blue as Yves Klein wanted to capture it. We see blue from afar and look through it, without actually seeing anything fixed in it. And to stare into that distance is to invite the mind to contemplate. This paintings by visual artist Donald Schenkel are created on wood and on paper, in different sizes. Every artwork has an unique pattern.
Foto door Miriam Rietveld.

Assembled by Root

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By bridging the gaps between artists at the start of their careers and their visitors and clients, Assembled By Root is determined to further an inclusionary system which promises a mutually beneficial and truly meaningful experience for all involved. Root accompanies upcoming talent in their search of growth, by representing them and providing collaborations and interactions between various sectors.


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Assembled by Root
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