atelier ray zijlstra

atelier ray zijlstra Amsterdam

atelier ray zijlstra

Throughout his activities in which Zijlstra researches art in social contexts and collaborated in collectives, he created several projects which focusses on connecting and layering, both in terms of technique and substance.

The most common subjects of these projects are:
- how he relates as a human being, and as an artist:
1) to a particular social context
2) as himself toward the so-called other,
3) as himself to himself
4) as the so-called other to himself
- investigations into how the apparent reality takes shape

The projects are often perennial; in regards of both conception and production.

Everything can and should be found in his work; Zijlstra believes that he should not position himself in the creative process of the viewer/experiencer. Since he has already done what he could have done: making, perhaps naming, and presenting the piece.

His research from the beginning of his artistic voyage has been about understanding art for itself and in itself and concluding that Art = Humanity, he calls his art HUMANstill.

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