Richard Kofi

Richard Kofi Arnhem
Acylic paint, marker, pencil, glitter glue, paper and oil pastels on found wooden panel.

150cm x 70cm
- Original: Available. Price upon request
- Exclusive print #1: €400,-

by Richard Kofi ©
Richard Kofi Arnhem (2)

Every day we travel routes. Sometimes we are free to choose directions; sometimes we are destined to follow certain paths. We carry on, navigated by our passions, instincts, destiny and the blues of our ancestors.
Based in Arnhem, the Netherlands I created a colourful body of work. It is very hard to divide my works into series. To me, making art is an ongoing journey. A journey from one emotion to another, past memories, energies and life events. My works revolve around an inner jungle, in which I come across ancestors, animal spirits, saints, sorcerers and inner demons.
In my works I use a lot of contrasting colors to create a flamboyant body of work. The works show no boundaries between abstract, text and illustration, or between spirituality, reality and magic. Everything is equally significant.


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