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Vanessa van Gasselt Amsterdam
Vanessa van Gasselt Amsterdam (2)

Welcome to my world through a selection of my works. They are a translation of my visions and experiences, a cleansing of situations, a place of silence, and prayer. I received my BA at the Hoge School van de Kunsten/ Art as an All round filmmaker. As a painter, I am self-taught and started painting for as long as I can remember. Since the age of three, I had the privilege of growing up around the globe, as has my family before me. This partially had an effect of their ways of expression. My great grandfather learnt through local artists how to carve mother of pearl in Tahiti, my grandmother combined words, paint, photos, collages and my mother paints, photographs, filmed and was a very talented sculpture. Thanks to this heritage I've been blessed and influenced by different art forms and cultures, all giving shape to different concepts and forms of expression. Today with our partners we have started to integrate and merge, film, sound, and art together. We are interested in new , beautiful and light spaces to expose, In you have propositions or requests, contact me on tel: +31613889122,,



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