Julia Mira

Julia Mira Zaandam

Julia Mira is a Russian artist born in Estonia, living and working in The Netherlands. Her artworks vary from small watercolor and ink images on paper to larger acrylic paintings on canvas.

Coming from the DJ scene and having a rave background from the early 2000s, Julia is inspired by subcultures and their alternative ways of approaching life. In her practice, life is explored as something full of desire, vulnerability, and euphoria. Julia attempts to capture the poetry of such instant emotional experiences in each work she makes.

Inspired by both the harmony of nature and the complex and ever-changing atmosphere of city- life, Julia’s practice oscillates between calm and violent expression, subdued and sensual aesthetics. Painting, she finds herself in a continuous dialogue with her work, balancing between an inner need to express the concentrate of a moment whilst relieving control over the imagery and allowing space for the art to exist on its own. The mystery of that dialogue makes her want to move on.
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