A Night Out the Studio'

This is a one night event where we invite the public to engage into conversations with the artists and ask them all kinds of questions.

"A night out the studio'' is an opportunity for artists to display works that have barely seen the light out of the studio and reflect on the impact that it has when it is shown to the public. These artworks may be finished but they might also be on the process of "becoming" and by exchanging words with the public, the artist has the possibility to explore new ways of looking and understanding their work.


Every third thursday of each month from 19:30 to 23:30 @4BID Gallery in OT301, Amsterdam

  • Schilderkunst
  • Keramiek
  • Fotografie
  • Sculptuur
  • Multimedia
  • Mode
  • Installatie
  • Conceptueel
  • Ruimtelijk
  • Textiel

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