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So who or what is RxAxLxF?

RxAxLxF is the artist name of Ralf H. Graf.

RxAxLxF’s career in the arts is versatile and spans more than 30 years.

Originally starting as a teenage street artist, he was ‘discovered’ by professional mentors and invited to study art at university level. He graduated in 1993 as Bachelor of Media Arts at the AKI Art Academy Enschede in The Netherlands, and was awarded in 1998 a Postgraduate degree in Design from the Art Academy Utrecht also in The Netherlands.

After his Bachelors, he started to work as an autonomous artist, mainly in the fields of multimedia art & photography. After his Postgraduate degree, he also worked as media designer and art director for various companies & organizations around the world. For the last 10 years, he also added the field of journalism to his job experience, specializing in investigative journalism.
While gaining job experience, he started to manage cultural & art events around the globe.

He has won several stipends and awards for his work, like the Pepinieres Award for young artists of the European Union and the State Stipend of The Netherlands. His work is currently sold by several galleries such as the Saatchi Gallery in Los Angeles and London.

Ralf has been based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands since 1993 and in Nairobi,Kenya since 2001. He has set up the multimedia design school NairoBits and the media production company SasaHivi Media, both in Kenya. From Amsterdam he operates his art business under the artist name RxAxLxF.

Living & working in Kenya for more than 15 years has given him the valuable opportunity to have a deep understanding about Kenyan arts & culture. Since then, much of his work has been deeply influenced by the Kenyan and African narrative.
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