Pieter Bas Bouwman

Pieter Bas Bouwman

My name is Pieter Bas Bouwman, born 20th of November 1990 in Port Chester, New York. I moved to the Netherlands at a young age, where I spent the rest of my childhood in The Hague. After high school, photography became a big part of my life. May 2016 I successfully completed my degree in Photography at the Academy of Photography Amsterdam with my work Imprint at the exhibition Unframed 2016.

Due to working in a game reserve in South Africa for six months, my work is greatly influenced by nature. The spectacular environment first instigated me taking pictures and I can state with certainty that this awakened my passion for photography. This combination of photography on one hand and nature on the other still affects me in my work. I enjoy photographing wildlife, landscape and human kind, in particular the imbalance between them.

I'm perfectionist by nature; when I do something, I have to give it my all. This is something I grew up with, as well as that I don’t have to be afraid to be myself. I believe that one can give a personal touch to his work by connecting it to your identity. This is why I try to leave a deep impression of my personality in my work by portraying nature and people close to me. By letting my intuition, mood and feelings carry me away, new frames spring to mind every day, functioning as a diary and self-reflection. Mood and emotion are therefore the main features that make my work the way it is today.

Another great motivator in my photography is my chaotic personality. For that reason, the peace and tranquillity I try to bring into my work are the perfect contrast with life. Photography is for me a third eye; It lets me see things that I, ordinarily, would’ve hardly looked for. It helps me to escape the tumultuousness, to take a step back and reflect on that what happens around me, triggering my emotions. With my work, I try to let viewers, as well as I do, take a breath and escape from today’s society where everything races past us at high-speed.

Furthermore, because my parents are huge fans of the Zero movement since I was a little boy. This influenced me about wondering what triggers certain emotions and why. Thats why I am intrigued by human emotion and how people react differently on certain situations or events. What provokes certain feelings in one? Why is this unlike what it would cause in one other? This encouraged me to also specialise in portrait photography, next tot my specialisation in landscape.

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