EdanZ Groningen
EdanZ Groningen (2)

Fiqure Drawing and Painting studio space

EdanZ Groningen (3)

Facilities for plaster (gips) work available

EdanZ Groningen (4)

Kiln Fascilities


  • Schilderkunst
  • Keramiek
  • Tekeningen
  • Textiel

EdanZ is an activities center for spiritual growth and development situated a few minutes walking distance from Groningen North Station.

Here at EdanZ we provide spaces for dance, yoga: classes and events, meditation sessions, music events and cooking classes. We have a ceramic studio for working with clay and plaster, and kilns for glazing. We run an art studio space for weekly figurative drawing (with a model) and we run other painting and art based courses. We also offer a textiles cafe.

On Sunday evenings we run a communal free cafe, supported with donated food we collect from the local markets.


Weekdagen: 9.00- 22.00
Zaterdag: afhankelijk van activiteiten
Zondag: 13.00- 22.00

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