Art or Die Gallery

Art or Die Gallery Amsterdam

George ten Kate
Existential Despair
Mixed Media on Canvas
160 x 300 cm

Art or Die Gallery Amsterdam (2)

Nadine Spronk
The Deamon in Dreams
Acryl on Canvas
170 x 130 cm

Art or Die Gallery Amsterdam (3)

Ard Doko
Mixed Media
150 x 100

Art or Die Gallery

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We believe that creation is the most powerful force in the universe. Everything exists solely through creation. That´s why we´ve created a platform for free spirits, artists, philosophers and everyone that wishes to contribute to this ideal in any way possible.

The artists we represent are mostly self taught, albeit with an academic background. Our main focus lies on young artists, showing the world their art and bringing them in contact with collectors and art lovers alike.

Please contact us for digital viewings, real life viewings or any questions and inquiries. All the displayed art in our artists gallery is for sale. Except when noted otherwise.

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