Peatart Gallery

Peatart Gallery

The gallery can be found in the art district, downtown Amsterdam at Kerkstraat 76, part of the so-called Spiegelkwartier. The historical building “In d’ turfdrager” was built in 1689 and the original resident, Mr Willem de Kooning, was a peat carrier.

We will be pleased to welcome you into our gallery where the artist Dioni ten Busschen works and displays her art. She paints and also creates amazing sculptures made from peat with careful attention to even the most minute details. With every purchase a certificate of authentication is provided.

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Peatart Gallery
Kerkstraat 76
1017 GN Amsterdam


Peatart Gallery openingstijden:
Woensdag t/m vrijdag van 11.00 -18.00 uur
of op afspraak 06-54635158

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