Ju Pereira Photography (Jussara Nunes Pereira de Souza)

Ju Pereira Photography (Jussara Nunes Pereira de Souza) Amstelveen

I combine my passion for photography and traveling with my background as a facilitator working with culture diversity, creating pictures of diverse people and places, many of them reflected on mirrors, glass or water. A camera has been like a window through which I see and try to influence the world around me.

Since my teen years I have been experimenting with different materials and forms of art expression such as: lithography, wood engraving, porcelain painting, leather, ceramics and watercolors and, of course, photography.

Being Dutch/Brazilian, I studied art in Brazil and most recently photography in the Netherlands, while exhibiting my photos in Europe, more specifically in France, Greece, Poland and The Netherlands. New projects are in the pipeline for Brazil and Portugal.

Besides two books on leadership & culture written with my business partner, I published five photo books available at the Amazon and Blurb:

- “Garopaba Distorted”
- “Magic Sea”
- “Netherlands Upside Down”
- “Oranje Celebration. The Dutch King’s and Queen’s Day”
- “São Paulo Mirrors. Hidden beauty of a concrete jungle”

More information on my photography work can be seen at my website and Facebook page:

Website: Photo provocateur http://jussaranpsouza.wix.com/photoprovocateur

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juphotoprovocateur/

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