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Soren Nellemann Monster
Planet Emergency - Installation with light. Handmade sculpture with 3D printed hand painted ambulances/emergency vehicles 2021

This is about the call for a human crisis (COVID) and planet emergency.

Instagram: soren_nellemann
Soren Nellemann Monster (2)
pink champagne - kids looking at my painting pink champagne at the SBK Exhibition in Amsterdam showing 30 artists selected as "Sprout Young Talent-Best Art Graduate 2019"

Instagram: soren_nellemann

Soren Nellemann Monster (3)
Triumph of Death with Corona Bubbles, 80x120cm, Acrylic on Canvas, 2020 about the COVID pandemic and all our human emotions in reaction to the pandemic with Death lurking in the background.

Instagram: soren_nellemann
Soren Nellemann Monster (4)
Bucha, Ukraine - Oil on canvas, 210 x 90 cm, 2022

I graduated from the KABK in 2019 (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Hague) and was selected as Sprout Young Talent-Best Art Graduate 2019 (together with 30 other artists from all of the 11 Dutch art schools). I will join This Art Fair in Amsterdam and now have my first public commission for 15 permanent bronze sculptures.

My artwork is centered and informed by the political allowing the audience to create their own stories as a reflection of their own social realities.

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Soren Nellemann
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