Anna van Suchtelen (e)

Anna van Suchtelen (e) Utrecht


Anna van Suchtelen, Hans Laban and Beatrijs Schweitzer
21 October - 18 November 2018

Artists Hans Laban, Beatrijs Schweitzer and Anna van Suchtelen – a trio composed by Kunstliefde Prize winner Hans Laban – use their work as a means of listening, detecting and measuring. While one examines the creative process of inventions, the other immerses himself in reflection on a surface of water and the third compiles a time capsule for misunderstood things. Their findings come together in a lab space. The sculptures, drawings, graphics, text and video works function as sonar devices: with the broadcast signals the artists explore deep seabed and celestial objects, ideas and thoughts, looking for the limits of space, time and reality.

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