Anna van Suchtelen (e)

Anna van Suchtelen (e) Utrecht TO NEW SITE~
Mirror Garden at Garden Studio K.F. Hein Foundation~
Anna van Suchtelen, Uli Kürner and Carien Vugts (photo Juri Hiensch)
1 August – 1 November 2018 the documentary Mirror Garden~

With Mirror Garden, Anna van Suchtelen, Carien Vugts and Uli Kürner have again entered into a partnership, as they did before with their project ‘just like a bright silvery mist’. This time they inhabited the Garden Studio of the K.F. Hein Foundation, a residency place for artists. For three months they subjected the location at the Maliesingel in Utrecht to a thorough research. Vugts studied the structures and forms of the location, Van Suchtelen used the pond as a research lab and Kürner focused on the soundscapes of this temporary biotope. All three dealt with mirroring the outer and inner space of their research area. This mirroring - via a word, a map, sound or water surface - is reflected both in their own work and in response to each other.
The working process of Mirror Garden is recorded by Ferry van Nimwegen and Gerard Wielenga. on Mirror Garden~
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