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Colour is a visible revelation of some of the subtle effects that determine the structure of matter.

As a young boy and son of a fisherman I became fascinated by the interplay of light and water and the wonderful appearance of marine animals, like the silvery scales of the herring that reflect up to 90 percent of incoming light, and the transparency of the jellyfish.

My curiosity for the natural world continues to be a primary interest and theme within my work which is grounded completely in direct observations of nature.

In my art practice I investigate the interaction of light and matter and the control of material properties to allow the manipulation of light for various purposes. My research concentrates on metals, alloys, coatings and structural coloration (mechanism for controlling the reflection spectrum, its perceived colour, without recourse to chemical modification (e.g. anodization) or application of secondary coatings such as paints).

The main idea behind my work is to have the observer experience colour as a perceptual process, an active process that takes place instantaneously and simultaneously with the interaction of light and matter.

Largely all my works are relief constructions.
  • Sculptuur
  • Architectuur
  • Multimedia
  • Installatie
  • Conceptueel
  • Ruimtelijk

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