Baileybots Rotterdam
Two moving robotic hands cherish the particle. The artwork refers to an exploration into the deepest origins of matter, and our understanding of reality.
Baileybots Rotterdam (2)
Detail: Treasuring the Particle

Kunstmachines door ingenieurswerk is de kerncompetentie van Marco Kruyt’s artistieke praktijk. Hij zet zijn brede technische vaardigheden als ingenieur in bij het ontwikkelen en produceren van zijn kunstmachines. Zijn het kunstwerken of slechts het loutere gevolg van een dromende ingenieur?

Creating art machines through engineering is the core aptitude of Marco Kruyt's practice, as he puts his broad technical skills as an engineer into the development and production of his art machines. Are they kinetic works of fine art or merely the products of a dreaming engineer?

Marco Kruyt creates his art machines with automated metalworking machinery, which he designs and builds. Machines that make art machines, on a grand and almost industrial scale, with the artist as conductor.

The work of Marco Kruyt reflects on the tension between technology and ecology, speculating on the inevitable symbiosis between organism and machine and its impact on society, and the environment as a whole.

Marco Kruyt is an engineer by profession and has developed his passion for the visual arts as a member of the Rotterdam artist collective, Antistrot. Today he develops his art machines at his own discretion; machines in which his thoughts reflect and dreams materialize.
  • Beeldhouwkunst
  • Sculptuur
  • Multimedia
  • Installatie
  • Conceptueel
  • Ruimtelijk

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