Pim Bronkhorst

Pim Bronkhorst Diepenveen

De Wensboom
Olieverf, 50 x 70 cm - 2014

Pim Bronkhorst Diepenveen (2)

Het Klaarhelder
Olieverf, 75 x 90 cm. 2014

Pim Bronkhorst

  • Schilderkunst

Pim Bronkhorst style of painting is mainly imaginairy realism, a full daughter of surrealism. He uses his superior techniques to give his paintings a subtle play of light, of a fine structure and depth. Even after a long time of observing one of his paintings, his detailed realism is cause for surprises. At first sight this realism suggests everything is real and solid, but, on closer examination, this turns out not to be the case!

Pim Bronkhorst


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