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She is a bee-inspired visual artist with a background in art based environmental education.
Kyra graduated in 1994 as a bachelor of Fine Art in education and Art History at the Amsterdams Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Breitner Academie) in the Netherlands.
From 2000 – 2003, she followed a part-time study: Master Ecological Pedagogics at the Hogeschool van Utrecht /Netherland.

“Learning from the Bees”
Kyra active collaborate with bee- lovers, bee-keepers, scientist and artists to learn, create, talk and share knowledge, a common love and bee (art) work. She found her creative expression in her Bee-artworks, exhibitions and organising special projects and workshops around the topic of bees. She actively involves people in the "creative process" of art & nature and research to observe bees. She believes that ecological- art, connects people and stimulates them to look after with more empathy to the health of bees, the natural world and the (urban) environment.
With here art & projects she create awareness for the preservation of the bees on earth.


Kyra Cramer
Lampenistenstraat 118
1019TK Amsterdam
Tel: 0642988899

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