LOSDOK is an independent 'do-it-yourself' project space, located at Veemkade 570a. You can rent it per day and organise your own cultural project, exhibition, presentation or meeting.
LOSDOK combines two very simple concepts:
1 - 'JUST DO IT!'... LOSDOK advocates a radical freedom of individual expression. It is radically bottom-up. All projects combined make a varied mix.
2 - 'OPEN UP!'... The use of LOSDOK is not limited to the artists of PAKHUIS WILHELMINA alone. On the contrary, we are open for new ideas and invite everybody to use it. We aim for interesting meetups between artists and neighbourhood.
Contact us at info@losdok.nl
or visit our website www.losdok.nl


Veemkade 570a
1019 BL Amsterdam
Tel: 06-40511790


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