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BarryBoem is het pseudoniem van een Alkmaarse Kunstenaar. In andere landen is hij ook bekend onder de naam BarryBoom.
In de jaren '90 begon Barry met het maken van kunst, ook op Straat (StreetArt.)

Sinds 2008 werd zijn werk ook wel eens geëxposeerd. BarryBoem is tegenwoordig o.a.toegevoegd aan The Funky Art Gallery in Oxford, fineartamerica, accessart e.d.. In 2014 was er een solo-expositie van BarryBoom's werk in New York. en in 2015/2016 is zijn werk ook te zien en te koop in 'de Blok' en "Koel310' te Alkmaar.

Het werk van BarryBoem is divers, zie internet voor verschillende voorbeelden.
BarryBoem doet ook op verschillende locaties over de wereld aan Guerilla-art (Boom-dropping). BarryBoem werkt zelden in opdracht, ookal vermeldt hij dat je hem kunt vragen...

BarryBoem/ BarryBoom's Artist Statement
If I wanted to express myself through writing, I would have been a writer. The whole concept behind my art is to say things visually.

Through my work I attempt to examine the human phenomenon; how we understand ourselves and others; how we communicate, learn, feel, discover and invent.
What began as a personal journey (of Boomism), has translated into collages of all sorts of images that resonate with us, as humans, to question our own thoughts.
My mixed media tries to embody an idiosyncratic view of human nature, yet the familiar imagery allows a connection between our fantasy and how the world is actually presented to us.

"Everybody needs a Boom! sometimes to… make people think: Art!"

When I work with spray cans, paper and images I am reminded how everybody is an artist. My desire is to discover how my work stimulates people to get in contact with their minds and appreciate life, how we know it.
I begin a piece after a night filled with new experiences, images and energy. I know a piece is done when I want to sleep. When my work is progressing well, I am filled with a sense of calmness.
When people see my work, I'd like to see them smile or nod, then walk away talking or thinking about associations provoked by my art.
To Boom or not to Boom!

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