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Martin Silva

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Martin was Born in Uruguay with an intriguing mix of Spanish,Italian and Portuguese blood. He spent a lot of his childhood drawing, painting and creating. As a kid he was fascinated by colors and the beauty of nature.

He grew up in Florida, a city that provided him with an natural affinity for both the radiance of urban life and the peacefulness of rural surroundings the rustic greens and blues of the Uruguayan countryside evoke a balance in him that makes him see and feel life in a sensitive yet realistic way

From an early age on he got affected by the work of some great painters; Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso,Torres Garcia, Miro, Klimmt etc. Watching their work made him wonder what they wanted to express and he started to imagined himself as being an artist later.
He started to paint with brushes and acrylics ,choosing colors, thoughts, feelings and images of the daily life and of the unconscious world. Mixing all of this together he is able to create an unique narrative and abstract style. Many of his paintings are set in differing landscapes, where he shows a clear eye for architecture and geometry.  

Being à bit of à dreamer he learned that traveling is one of the best ways to enrich your mind and feel the cultural exchange to learn about you and the others.

Already more then 10 years ago he started a journey to USA,choosing New York as his homestead. The multicultural city that never sleeps inspired him to experiment and shared himself using textures, colors and different media on his canvas
to started his solo exhibitions and being part of different art projects.

Nowadays he is living in Amsterdam, a city that clearly is influencing his work adding a lot of new colors and vibrations into his work. In the last couple of years in Amsterdam he got the opportunity to show his work several times.

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