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Marloes Schipper is an illustrator and visual artist specialising in portraits and illustrations on large-sized paper, using light-resistant inks. She has been a freelance illustrator for various magazines and publishers in the Netherlands for years, working from her own studio in the historic centre of Amsterdam.

Drawing inspiration from self-created or existing conceptual images from the media and the fashion world, Marloes’s work is created where fashion, illustration and photography meet. People, their personalities and identities permeate all of her creations: there are many angles from which to view her work and its dreamy, mysterious and melancholic qualities. Her drawings transcend any attempt to pigeonhole – every single one of them is unique, telling its own story and taking on a vibrant life outside reality.

Marloes creates her drawings from wet layers of transparent ink on rich hand-made paper from Italy or France. She feels ink is a great medium, as it takes on a form entirely its own and never fails to surprise and delight. Working with the finest materials adds special value to her work.

Marloes has sold to various galleries and also takes commissions. She exhibits her work in select locations inside and outside Amsterdam.

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