Ajda de Feij

Ajda de Feij Den Haag
Ajda de Feij Den Haag (2)

"Luxery of Delight II" (acryl on paper)

Ajda de Feij Den Haag (3)

“Thrill of simplicity” (acryl on paper)

Ajda de Feij Den Haag (4)

Minding your step?

Imaginary adventures in signs of chemistry

"Can't be"

The work addresses to the attempt of reaching what you aim for with the struggle of endless possibilities.

"Imagine this"

Ajda de Feij

  • Schilderkunst
  • Diversen

I try to capture a trigger by use of composition, color and rhythm.
My interest is the part where the (unconscious) mind will try to make it into a recognizable image.

The brain will use personal experiences and emotions, what for a few moments can turn my work into a mirror.


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