10dence art collective

10dence art collective

Within de typesetting of the 10dence art collectives’ name, the Rotterdam areacode (010) implies an indication on their working location in Schiedam. During the period 2001 – 2007, preparations took place in order to result into the foundation of the 10dence art collective in december 2008 in Schiedam. The title 10dence further on carries the word ‘ tendence’ by meaning of ‘direction of development’ and ‘message’, targetting with these keywords on some of the basic aims of the collective.
By means of concept, the 10dence art collective profiles itself as a multidisciplinary nucleus for innovative creative endeavors, where the participants of the collective, in collaboration with a wide range of creative participants, generate artistic productions which encompass an unprecedented panoply of works of art embracing painting, drawing, photography, video, literature, sculpture and music, and the collective surveys the cross-current of activities that constituted the artistic output.

As a contemporary urban art collective, focusing on bringing together innovative creative individuals from around the world, the 10dence art collective aims on the diversity of the group and highlights and respects the individuality of all the artists involved.

Aim of the 10dence art collective is to celebrate all the various attributes of this eclectic group through the development of concepts, exhibition projects, audio-visual productions and group shows. All the artists associated with the 10dence art collective share a common heritage in various and numerous global art cultures. Although the members of this group share a common background they have all evolved their creative work into different and unique directions that push the boundaries of art.

10dence art collective explores, nurtures and promotes the art that happens when connections are made and knowledge is shared - across the boundaries of established art-world institutions and their markets.

10dence art collective artists
Multi-disciplinary artist Ron Weijers initiated the foundation of the 10dence art collective and invited the core members of the 10dence art collective. In first stage the 10dence art colective was accordingly formed by the contemporary artists; Ron Weijers (Schiedam), Anton Vrede (Rotterdam), Nikolaj Dielemans (Schiedam), Joe Davis (New York), Pieter Zandvliet (Nieuwleusen) and Ben Game (Middelburg). The 10dence art collective claimed it’s working base at Weijers’ gallery/studio in the historic center of Schiedam in the Netherlands. Next to the core members of the 10dence art collective, a wide range of creative individuals working in a variety of disciplines will subsequently become affiliated and associated with the art collective.


10dence art collective
Lange Haven 96B
3111 CJ Schiedam
Tel: 06-12184120

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