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Annemarie Cilon Kampen
Annemarie Cilon Kampen (2)

The Land still speaks to us,
and The Speaking Land
will help us understand its language.

"For Aboriginal peoples, country is much more than a place. Rock, tree, river, hill, animal, human – all were formed of the same substance by the Ancestors who continue to live in land, water, sky. Country is filled with relations speaking language and following Law, no matter whether the shape of that relation is human, rock, crow, wattle. Country is loved, needed, and cared for, and country loves, needs, and cares for her peoples in turn. Country is family, culture, identity. Country is self."

The inherent theme of my work is 'interconnectedness' with all things. For my artistic work I explore (local) natural places like a forest or river but also urban area's like cities. I want to capture the essence and language of those environments through field-recordings, video and photography. During making the work I try to use all my senses and consciousness in that specific moment. Being in touch with the place or land helps me to be in touch with myself. I also research the interconnection between the 'living natural beings' like a plant with 'non-living' materials like a stone wall. In addition I am observing the garden as a meeting place with nature or as a portal between two different landscapes. As part of my work I quote texts from poets, philosophers, indigenous people and writers. I studied at Minerva Academy Groningen, Photo Academy Amsterdam and The Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam.
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