Cis Bakker is a female painter from the Netherlands, living in the city of Utrecht. In this city she finished her study Monumental Art, specifically painting, at the Utrecht art Academy. Ten years later she started her study at the University of Humanistic Studies, also located in Utrecht.

Her main inspiration in painting is the expression of meaning, through experiment, stumbling upon and meaningful coincidence, combined with an intense love for light, colors and the trivial. Art to Cis, is a necessity; spiritual food to nourish Humanity, to reflect and strive for growth.

Experimenting and storytelling through an internal dialogue can be reacting to a sometime haphazard starting point, like a found object, or an observation or vague intuitive perception or presentiment. While painting, a friendly struggle with existing or fictional opposites (abstraction/figuration, masculine/feminine, good/bad, dark/sweet, clarity/ambiguity, etc.) is a vehicle to create eclectic visual puzzles that are intriguing, layered, perhaps poetic, raw, dark or tender. They are inviting the viewer to reflect.

Recycling is a very important pillar of her work; “Every unchancy work can be the breeding ground for a better.” Other pillars are: Eclecticism, contrast - opposites, continuous reinvention, transformation and chronological development, and a tendency to illustrate the existential.

Cis’ favorite medium is acrylic paint combined with oil pastel. These recent drawings/paintings are centered around working with relish, curious about the-not-yet-here. A few of her favorite artists are Leon Spilliaert, Max Ernst, Leonora Carrington, Hilma af Klint, Wassily Kandinsky, Bill Viola and Louise Bourgeois.