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Studio in Marci Panis, is available for rent 17-23 Juli 2017
Julia Willms

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Studio Spectra | TILT

Our lovely studio in Marci Panis, is available for rent 17-23 Juli 2017.

Description: 93,5 m2, sprung ballet floor, white walls, big windows, sound installation, grid, wifi, heating. The space can be completely darkened. 

Ideal for dance, performance or theatre rehearsals, audio-visual installation/film/photography work as long as there is no extensive loud sound involved.

Shared toilets and kitchen with the other ateliers’ on the floor.

The studio is in the broedplaats Marci Panis, a shared building with some 50 artists, designers, writers, and others working in various ateliers and studios. 


More info about Marci Panis: www.marcipanis.nl

The address: Marcusstraat 52 / 1D, 1091 TK Amsterdam

If you are interested, please mail or phone us at the contacts below:


Andrea Bozic and Julia Willms

Email: jw@willmsworks.net

Phone: 0648959839

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