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Per 1-7 we are looking for a 3rd Studio mate Xpositron - A’dam west

Eva van Kempen | (Amsterdam)

Are you the one who wants to share with us (Léon van Opstal, insect mechanic and Eva van Kempen, jewellery designer) our 80m2, 6m high metal workshop located on the ground floor near an overhead door and garden?

80m2 with full-length skylights / daylight from the north, 6m height in the ridge, concrete floor, running water, kitchen, power flow, central heating, extraction, compressed air. Noise and dust can be made (to some extent). There is 24/7 access and official co-tenant contract.

All in monthly Rental price (incl cawa discount):
€ 285, -
(incl. VAT, electricity, water, WIFI, service costs)

We both work part-time, have enough space left and are happy if we can share costs with you in addition to the space. Like us, do you sometimes need more space for a project? We can agree to use the general space flexible.

Breeding place Xpositron:
Would you also like to have studio mates and opportunities to collaborate with artists/creatives in other disciplines? Check the other tenants of another 50 studios in the Xpositron incubator at: www.xpositron.nl
Our sustainable ‘broedplaats’ (assembly of creative entrepreneurs in one building) with solar panels and a large roof terrace and herb garden actually has a waiting list, but by sharing with us you can still become a tenant and also enjoy a Cawa discount on rent. Xpositron has strict cleaning schedules and house rules so that you can receive any customers with confidence. Once or twice a year, a joint DIY day provides fun and lots of jobs done, in short, a well-oiled breeding ground.

We seek / offer:
Preferably you are already CAWA approved and working sustainable. There is a selection process by the board of Xpositron which ensures quality work. metal or stone working, welding possibility, woodworking (with direct dust extraction), sculptor, goldsmith, gemstone sharpener or setter, ceramicist, product designer, model builder, plastic processing, leather processing, shoemaker etc. The space is less suitable for a painter or photographer due to dustiness.

Elektronstraat 12-14, Amsterdam
cheap parking, easily by car and public transport. Within the ring between westerpark and Sloterdijk in Amsterdam West.

Call Léon: 0615033933 / mail: info@leonvanopstal.com
Call Eva: 0642271055 / mail: info@evavankempen.com


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