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Shared workspace available in Rotterdam Zuid

Lieke van der Meer | (Rotterdam)

We invite a fifth maker/designer/artist/human to join our spacious attic in Rotterdam Zuid.

About the space:
- Open space, 130m2, high ceiling
- Evergrowing wood, metal and bicycle workshop
- Not much daylight available
- Renting through anti-kraak (sadly), no future plans for the building are in sight though
- Rent around 120 euro/month
- From the beginning of August

About our practice:
- carpentry and wood working
- spatial and urban design
- film and photography
- non-motorised vehicle design (we are allergic to cars)

We do not welcome sexist or racist behaviour in our space.
Let us know if and why you are interested!

Emil & Lieke

14-07-2021 t/m 14-08-2021

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