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Wanted: inspiring and ambitious artist, designer, maker, carpenter

Stichting la Jetée | (Amsterdam)

Amsterdam NDSM Art City - Shared workshop space offered for rent, part of manufacturing workshop (140 m2).

Wanted: inspiring and ambitious artist, designer, maker, carpenter.
Who feels at home in our studio, likes to work next to or with others in a space and is willing to invest in suitable cooperation. Our studio is intended for (furniture) designers / architects / artists and is part of NDSM Art City, Amsterdam. We share the workshop space with 4 makers and have a special interest in durability issues.

Offered for rent: personal workplace in our joint workshop with a rent of 290.25 excl. VAT per month. Notice period 2 months, deposit 2 months, annual rent increase.

With use of built-in kitchen, reception area, shower, including broadband internet.
Joint investment in machines is possible.

Location: in a monumental shipbuilding hall with atmosphere on the NDSM wharf, NDSM square 77, Amsterdam-Noord. Surrounded by related small businesses, artists and designers. [NDSM.nl] Breeding place assessment (Cawa) and general balloting required in the long term.


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