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Atelier/Studio/Werkruimte te huur Oost (Flevopark), Amsterdam

Franz Mueller Schmidt | (Amsterdam, Valentijkade)

Atelier/Studio/Werkruimte te huur Oost (Flevopark), Amsterdam

Subletting atelier close to Flevopark

Subletting a specious and well-lit atelier for a few month, available 1st of June until the end of August/September (duration is a bit flexible). The space is 50m2 and is available for €400 per month, plus a security deposit. Atelier-related items, I'll leave there. If you need and want to use tools, it is possible.
The atelier has plenty of light coming from above, so it warms up quickly. For the summer, I am using a standing fan in the space, as well we do have a light noise making ventilation system that is only used during the day.
The Flevopark is very close and always perfect for relaxation, to read a book, do a yoga practice or just go for a walk.
The hardware store Praxis is within walking distance.

A short meeting with a few people from the atelier foundation is important to get to now each other. We are an ateliers foundation with 10 artist who have set up and renovated the whole space ourselves. We take care of the maintenance of the common areas, scheduled bathroom and kitchen cleaning.

If you like the idea of doing a summer residency in Amsterdam, it is possible to rent my room too, it is in a shared flat with one other person and a cat. The flat is in the west, very close to Vondelpark. Both, the studio and the flat are surrounded by the vibrance city life with lots of bars, restaurants, shopping possibilities, park activities, tennis court, work out, running or just to hang out. I can leave a spare bike for you, so you can go around the city.

If you are interested, I can provide you with further information and pictures.
Looking forward hearing from you!

All best,


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Franz Mueller Schmidt ( Amsterdam, Valentijkade ) Atelier / werkruimte

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