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Video dvd The alla prima portrait by Robert Liberace - € 40,00

Rubins J. Spaans | (Den Haag)

Original dvd. No copy. Bought at Robert Liberace.

The Alla Prima technique, an expressively direct manner of painting, is the “wet into wet” application of paint popularized by the impressionists. This method, also called “premier coup”, often requires that the painting is completed in one sitting. No other technique demonstrates the beauty and energy of the brush stroke better than this fresh and painterly style. Artists from Hals to Sorolla employed this bravura technique with dynamic virtuosity achieving dazzling results. In this DVD Rob demonstrates Alla Prima as he paints a portrait of his artist/filmmaker friend Adam Lubkin. He describes the surface and underlying forms of the face and discusses the rich array of colors and the various materials used while rendering the portrait in a spirited and efficient manner. Included is a chapter on materials.The total running time is 2 hours and 58 minutes.


22-10-2020 t/m 22-01-2021

Den Haag
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