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Video course Portrait of Anna by Alexei Antonov - € 40,00

Rubins J. Spaans | (Den Haag)

Original dvd. No copy! Bought at artpapa.

This video course gives you an opportunity to understand and practice the old masters' portrait painting technique. Alexei Antonov leads you through the actual painting of a portrait from start to finish. Detailed step by step instructions are given that teach the forgotten classical secrets, knowledge and skills. As the young woman’s image emerges in the painting, the exquisite craftsmanship of the classical style is revealed. Ink Drawing, Imprematura, Umbra Underlayers, Dead Underlayers, Color Layers, Texture-Finishing Layers. 60 minutes.

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22-10-2020 t/m 22-01-2021

Den Haag
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