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Lichte ruimte gezocht in omgeving Amsterdam of Haarlem.

Rowin Prins | (Amsterdam)

Mijn naam is Rowin Prins (33). Van beroep ben ik acteur en fotograaf. Via deze weg probeer ik een ruimte te vinden die zou kunnen dienen als daglicht-studio. Daarmee probeer ik een 'thuis' te vinden voor mijn fotografie-werkzaamheden. Grote ramen en daglicht zijn hierbij een must. De ruimte hoeft echter niet groot te zijn (tussen de 30 en 50 m2)

"It has always been my passion to get close to people. Not physically close, but emotionally. In my profession as an actor, I’m used to do that. I research and portray people to make the audience understand my character’s thoughts, deeds and motives. That requires an open mind, soul and great empathy. It makes me understand more about human beings. About the choices people make, without any judgment. It keeps me awake and curious. I like to open up my audiences’ eyes, through art. To reflect ourselves. To see ourselves and life in perspective. To remain critical of ourselves. To laugh at ourselves. It’s a way to keep developing - to keep learning.

That also applies to photography. It’s about an equal and sincere connection between me and the person in front of my camera. I’m looking for strength through vulnerability. That’s when it becomes raw. And authentic. And finally it becomes beauty, when someone has the courage to be her- or himself.

Working on that personal level gives me the opportunity to capture a pure version of someone. Photos teach and tell us more about ourselves and the world we’re living in. Therefore, I believe photography is one of the most truthful forms of art. You freeze a moment for a lifetime. Unlike theatre. That’s like a ghost; It’s there and then it’s gone - it’s all about the live experience. Nothing tangible remains, just a memory. As a counterpart, it’s inspiring to create something that is preserved forever. My photographs."



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