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Sewing courses and pattern making in Rotterdam

Mobiele atelier | (Rotterdam)

Sewing courses and pattern making in Rotterdam

Sewing and Pattern making courses

Mobiele atelier in Rotterdam for sewing courses, sewing lessons, pattern drawing, online video sewing courses, fashion design, creative courses and workshops.

From your own design and pattern to a beautiful and fitting garment. Making your own clothes has never been so easy. Now also with extra support with our online video sewing courses. Are you looking for a sewing course that teaches you all the techniques and want to learn how to use your sewing machine, work out your own ideas and want to learn pattern drawing or video sewing lessons? this combination course Sewing and Pattern Drawing offers it all.
The teaching methods are composed in such a way that you learn to sew and / or pattern drawing in a short time and according to the correct method. Students work at their own level, in small groups with a lot of guidance, attention and including all necessary materials. You can combine the Sewing Course and pattern drawing or follow it separately and only choose sewing or pattern drawing.

Sewing course and sewing technique 3 months
With the Sewing Course you will learn how to make clothes from the basics, how to handle the sewing machine and of course various sewing techniques. By applying the right sewing techniques you learn to make beautiful and professional looking clothing in a short time. You learn various techniques such as zipper deployment, sewing a bag, various neck and armhole finishes and much more. Then you apply these techniques when making a real garment. Each lesson builds on the previous one.
All sewing techniques are explained and practiced step by step and together with the online video sewing courses you have the perfect basis to look back and practice the learned techniques again and again until you have mastered it completely.

Pattern drawing course 3 months
The basis of a beautiful item of clothing is a good pattern. If you want to make beautiful or separate clothing or entertain yourself, it is useful if you can draw a pattern. In the course you learn to measure pattern drawing in the right way, calculate dimensions and translate it into a correct and appropriate pattern. It also teaches you how to adjust existing patterns, as this is the basis of every well-fitting piece of clothing. If you are able to make your own patterns, you are assured of a unique piece of clothing.

- What else do we offer:
- Fashion design & realization
- Private sewing lessons and pattern drawing
- Sewing lessons

Do not hesitate, take a look at the website of www.mobieleatelier.nl and see which course suits you best. For more information about the courses and / or the workshops you can always come by or contact me: 06-14995997 info@mobieleatelier.nl


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