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Makerspace Workstation for rent

Hugo | (Amsterdam)

Makerspace Workstation for rent

The MakerSpace Workstation is a self-contained unit that creates an instant working space next to our MakerSpace and can be closed up and secured. With our MakerSpace-Workstation you have a private workstation in our co-working space for €210
per month, including the following features:
• Lockable and private Workstation
• Additional storage box (9M2)
• Unlimited access MakerSpace
• Bookable meeting rooms
• Super-fast Wi-Fi
• 24/7 access

Contact Amsterdam is a collective of interdisciplinary creative minds in the West of Amsterdam with a fully equipped MakerSpace where various machines are accessible. These facilities give you the opportunity to experiment together and learn from each other to improve our skills. Machines that live in our MakerSpace:
• Laser cutters
• 3D printers
• CNC milling machine
• Format saw
• Ceramic oven
• Band saw
• Planer machine
• Belt sander
• Disc sander
• Polisher
• Wood lathe
• Metal lathe
• Compressor
• Spray cabin
• Sandblasting machine

Join our creative makers collective and schedule a guided tour around Contact Amsterdam by mailing hugo@contactamsterdam.nl

We enjoy meeting new people.

Contact Amsterdam
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