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3D Printing: Learn the basics

Rutger | (Amsterdam)

3D Printing: Learn the basics

Everyone has heard of it by now: 3D printers. For many, this may be a device that is only for techies. Nothing is less true! 3D printing offers unlimited possibilities, not only for the production of prototypes, but also increasingly for the production of small series.

Discover our 3D printers during the 2-hour private workshop. After the course you will be able to operate a 3D printer yourself and create simple 3D models in free 3D software like Tinkercad (for beginners), Blender, Fusion360 or Rhino. The workshop is perfect for people without (but also with) a technical background who want to learn the basics of this printing technique.

Workshop Setup
Introduction to the printer and its components
When to use (and when not) the 3D printer
Design your own 3D models
Print your own model

The price for this workshop is € 75, - including VAT and materials, payable on the spot by pin. Students receive a 20% discount.

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1014 AN Amsterdam

On demand.

Private workshop, 1 on 1.

2-hour workshop.


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