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Leather Glove making workshop

Vajira Peiris/ Natasja Elda | (Amsterdam)

Leather Glove making workshop

Vajira Peiris is a senior lecturer in fashion/textile and fashion accessories. She lives in London and her workshops are popular. She is having a lot of English students all over the country and also Dutch students. So that’s why Vajira comes to Amsterdam, Amsterdam House of Arts and Crafts.
She learns you how to make a glove in easy steps in the 3 days’ workshop.
This course provides a great opportunity to learn the difficult rare techniques and processes of glove making in easy way.
The course at Amsterdam House of Arts and Crafts from
17th-19th November
22nd-24th November
The workshop for three days.
Sign up: https://www.craftcourses.com/courses/glove-making-workshop

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Vajira Peiris/ Natasja Elda ( Amsterdam ) Workshops

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