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Jeroen Spijker Academie op het prikbord

Jeroen Spijker Academie op het prikbord

Studenten Cursus Beeldhouwen (Student Course sculpting in stone/ Sculpture Modeling)

Jeroen Spijker Academie | (Leiden)

Student course Plastic Design/ Sculpture Modeling of 10 lessons, has been developed in collaboration with Leiden University and Hogeschool Leiden as a LAK course. This course is no longer offered by the LAK itself for facility reasons. The course costs € 299,00 incl 21% VAT. These courses run parallel to the Tuesday and Thursday evening courses, see above. There are special rates for students of Leiden University and Hogeschool Leiden. For students (under 27 years old) this course costs €249,00. Indicate whether you are a student when registering via the registration form!


14-08-2023 t/m 14-02-2024

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