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Natural Redhead Artistic Nude Model

Olive | (Rotterdam)

Natural Redhead Artistic Nude Model

Hi I'm Olive, I am a 25 year old natural redhead model currently living in the Netherlands.
I have been working as a model full time for the last 3 years and have several years experience modelling part time prior to moving here.
I am happy to work with both professional and hobby artists and photographers as I am confident I can create amazing work with both. I am very experienced in posing for life drawing/painting, photography one on one and photography workshops.
I am available for bookings all over The Netherlands.
On my PurplePort (linked below) you can see my portfolio, more information about me and 60+ references from people I have worked with. Feel free to also check out my instagram https://www.instagram.com/somethingabout.olive/ for more photos and information.
Unfortunately my Dutch is not very good so communication in English is appreciated, I am happy to google translate if thats not possible.

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17-01-2023 t/m 17-01-2024

Olive ( Rotterdam ) Model aangeboden
Photo by Justin Manders
Olive ( Rotterdam ) Model aangeboden (2)
Photo by Ben Ernst

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