Helen Arushanjan op het prikbord

Helen Arushanjan op het prikbord


Helen Arushanjan | (ROTTERDAM)


Artist + Assistant
An Artist’s Assistant
An Artist As An Assistant
An Artist’s Artist Assistant
An Artistant
An Artist’s Artistant
An Artistant can be
An extra set of eyes
An extra set of ears
An extra set of hands
An extra brain
A Body
A Performer
A Thinker
A Maker
I am An Artistant

I can be part of something which is not mine, something which is not ours, I can be part of something which is yours.
Sometimes we need someone with whom we can get excited about a project. Someone that can trigger you to take action right away, make moves and leave your headspace. When you have been working on a project for a while, or when you just can’t figure out where to start. It can be motivating when you can believe together, when you can get excited together, and see the value of a specific project together, sharing these feelings can fuel your project;
Let’s start today.

This is an open call;
for when your project needs an Artistant. Don’t hesitate, just apply.
We’ll figure out the rest.

-Helen Arushanjan, An Artistant.
helen-@hotmail.nl, 0619470409.

24-06-2019 t/m 24-06-2020

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