Don Satijn

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Tentoonstelling 23-05-2020 t/m 15-09-2020 > Gorinchem
Don Satijn ON THE MOVE
Invitation On the move
Exhibition Museum Gorinchem
Beweging in de hedendaagse kunst ( Movement in modern art)
Museum of Gorinchem the Netherlands

My contribution to this exhibition consists of two short films and three lenticulars all based on the theme: TRUTH

What is truth?
We live in a time when presidents consciously twist the truth and yet are believed by many.
A time when concentration camps are called re-education camps.
A time when trolls manipulate the truth.
A time when a post on Facebook is seen as the truth.
A time when a twitter message by quality newspapers for true is adopted and published uncritically.
Who can we believe?
The truth is not in the middle, the truth has no compromise.
Or does the truth turn around as we choose a different position?
Don Satijn Rotterdam
New Phi Block VI
90 x 15 x 15
Powder coated steel ø 10 mm

This sculpture is a model for an outdoor show in 2017 in the park around the ruins of castle Ravesteyn near Rotterdam
Don Satijn Rotterdam (2)
Encryptions Crystal IV
Live in the now
31 x 31 x 31
Oiles yellow poplar on plywood
Don Satijn Rotterdam (3)
Cold Warm
80 x 20 x 12
stained yellow poplar on plywood

Mijn werk is gebaseerd op universele harmonische principes. Oneindige reeksen varianten, de gulden snede, magische vierkanten en taal vormen de basiselementen voor beelden, wandreliëfs en twee dimensionaal werk.

My work is based on universal harmonic principles. Infinite series of variations, the golden ratio, magical squares and language are the basic elements for sculptures, mural reliefs and two-dimensional work.
  • Schilderkunst
  • Beeldhouwkunst
  • Sculptuur
  • Conceptueel

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