John Dilling

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PoP-Up Galerie is beëindigd.

Tentoonstelling 01-11-2020 t/m 21-12-2020 > Groningen
John Dilling PoP-Up Galerie is beëindigd.
PoP-Up Galerie Winkelcentrum Paddepoel Groningen
PoP-Up Galerie is beëindigd.
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Paddepoel Groningen
Exposition “Veerkracht” o.l.v. Kitty Blüm

Kitty Blüm — Paintings, drawings and postcards.
Marieken Bischoff - Ceramic houses
Inge Cremers - Raku ceramics and Koester boxes and other objects
John Dilling - Natural elements - copper wire on canvas
Gerrit van Goor (Kloetje Clay) - Statues, partly raku fired.
Josje Hamel - New paintings (mixed media)
Greetje Hoving - Vivid ceramic sculptures, raku fired
Reny Kramer - Paintings, abstract prints - Brooches and postcards.
Hanneke van Limburg - Refreshing art with a humorous twist
Erik Taal - Etchings about Norway, only visible offline.
Anneke Talsma - Natural Art

Color & line
Geometric Patterns
Natural Elements
Member of VTNL Tynaarlo and Pictoright


I’am working in my studio almost every day…

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