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Thei Derks


The Colorfield Performance CH 2018

Tentoonstelling t/m 01-10-2018 > Sloten
Thei Derks The Colorfield Performance CH 2018
Thei Derks The Colorfield Performance CH 2018 (2)

The Colorfield Performance CH 2018

Gezamenlijk kunstwerk van bijna 2000 verschillende schilderijen van verschillende kunstenaars....


Thei Derks

Born in 1962 in Eygelshoven, now residing at Landgraaf, comes from the autodidactic circuit and is now 4th-year student at the Art Academy in Maasmechelen. He is an artist who creates paintings from an intuitive approach. Inspiration is taken from the structures that Mother Nature exhibits in her full glory. Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for him. So the works are always an instinctive combination of imagination and observation established. It is an abstract expression of a search for natural shapes and colors.

“During my early years, I soon noticed that the search for abstract shapes and color fascinated me more than figurative work. I noticed that it took a huge incentive and imagination to get something new on the canvas and found this therefore much more challenging. Some times ago I decided to make the switch to the Academy of Fine and Visual Arts in Maasmechelen. Again, I was, although it should control all facets, greatly drawn by intuitive painting. Creating something that comes from within, something that is yours, something that does not exist in any real form, gives me a very satisfying feeling.”

Best description Art: “Organic Abstract.”


Thei Derks
Kakertsweg 31
6371 GA Landgraaf
Tel: 045 - 5311677

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