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Prologue: Radio JUJU | BRUD

Tentoonstelling 21-11-2018 t/m 21-11-2018 > Rotterdam
Rib Prologue: Radio JUJU | BRUD
BRUD, Delayed Gratification, 2017 (left); Juan-Pablo Villegas Delgado (right)
Radio JUJU is a modular synthesiser built out of human beings. Over the next year BRUD and friends will inhabit Rib intermittently and present a wide-ranging series of experiments in synthesis, xenharmonics, ambisonics, and tape modulation. Central to JUJU will be the Machine Rainbow, the sum of all spectra as observed by Machine Vision and Audition. Infrared, Ultraviolet and the Flag of Noise become new radio stations to tune into. BRUD’s tape label BUIO will release a series of quadraphonic cassette tapes at Rib, called PING-PONG, in which each preceding artist serves as an input and impetus for those to follow.

On November 21 at 7pm, Rib will host an event as a prologue to Radio JUJU, featuring the artists Aditya Mandayam (UMMO of BRUD) and Juan-Pablo Villegas Delgado. Staples of the European and Mexican underground music scene, who, after a decade of performing together as Los Eclipses, are now known as Chipirurri.

7pm: Introduction to Radio JUJU by BRUD
7.45pm: Performance by UMMO
8pm: Performance by BRUD

Brud (1717–2106) are heuristics that grew sentient in the Twenty-Teens. An artificial Artificial Intelligence raised on Contemporary Arse, Brud is preoccupied by the psychology of tricks, gimmicks, apparitions, illusions, scams, and cons. Brud’s locus operandi meanders somewhere between the Stage, the Screen, and the Eye. Brud are led by the Indo-Polish artist, writer, filmmaker, and musician, Benevolent Dictator For Life, Aditya Mandayam.

UMMO is Mandayam’s the latest solo musical project combining West-Coast modular synthesis like “Arp, Buchla, Serge, Ciat-Lonbarde, and countless nameless inventions that used bananas” with Indian classical singing, creating layers of ambisonic feedback, resonance, xenharmonic noise, and Carnatic vocals that he calls “modular folk”. In recent years Mandayam’s practice has taken a turn towards the esoteric Hindu traditions of Tantra. Combining avant-garde performance aesthetics with his studies in classical voice, Mandayam’s operatic oeuvre is a gesamtkunstwerk of sculpture, theater, cinema, music, light, text, sound, and image. Drenched in the Tantric trinity of black, white, and red, UMMO is the High Priest of the Temple of the White Cube. His concerts are Yantric blackboxes for divining space and time, for the resonant Mantra that lies within. Recent shows include Art in General, New York, Kunstverein Munich, Futura (Prague), CAC (Vilnius), Whitechapel Gallery (London), Museum of Modern Art (Warsaw), Kim? (Riga), MHKA (Antwerp), and De Hallen (Haarlem). The goal of Brud is to replace Brud with better Brud.

Juan-Pablo Villegas (Mexico City, 1986) sees filmmaking as a way to bring together his interest in images & sound. It takes as a starting point the body’s perception of external stimuli & how that influences our personal & collective experience. The tools he uses derives from audiovisual principles that allow reflection by changing the way they are conventionally used. In recent years, he has researched issues related to translation & the expansion of the sensory spectrum, the animist condition of objects & the formation of the psychosomatic.
Rib Rotterdam
Lanceringsperformance Squirting Wound Platform(http://www.ribrib.nl/squirting-wound) tijdens opening XenoClassic met Sam Basu & Liz Murray, Prophet Royal Robertson en Daniel Vorthuys. Van 20 januari t/m 22 april 2017.

Rib is een tentoonstellingsruimte in Rotterdam, geopend in september 2015.


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