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‘Riddle’ – Linhuei Chen

Tentoonstelling 20-07-2018 t/m 19-10-2018 > Rotterdam
G126 ‘Riddle’ – Linhuei Chen
G126 ‘Riddle’ – Linhuei Chen (2)
U bent van harte uitgenodigd voor de opening van de expositie:
‘Riddle’ - met werk van Linhuei Chen

De opening vindt plaats op zaterdag 21 juli tussen 15.00 en 18.00 uur.

Graag tot ziens op 21 juli!

‘Riddle’ – Linhuei Chen
20 juli t/m 19 oktober 2018

Gerard Scholtenstraat 126
3035 ST Rotterdam

About the Exhibition:

Old furniture with painted images of an ocean, mysterious lines, a hidden cabinet, and a captain’s log book. There is an eagerness of telling stories, of giving answers, while leaving questions to the public. It is a riddle of life: what brings us away from the original place and what summons us back: Chen faces the urge to explore her birth bounded with ocean, the original sensations, the questions that trouble her and her realization that she is actually searching for the origin and that lives in her as a riddle.

About the artist:

Linhuei Chen is a Taiwanese Dutch artist, working both in Rotterdam and Den Haag

“A child who left her homeland, an allochtone partner, a mother of two: in familial relationships, I have multiple identities. I switch from one identity to another: to deal with daily life,  as well as being an artist. My  constant allochtoon status triggers complicated thoughts on my way of looking at the world; Its history, the present and the future.”
The work of artist Linhuei Chen, student of Fine Arts at the Royal Academy, The Hague, often reflects on people and their longing for harmonious familial relationships, distant or closeby. Her status as an allochtoon (stranger) offers a unique thought-provoking perspective. She thinks that Dutch word “allochtoon” allegorizes the path of her life.

Linhuei Chen

G126 Rotterdam
G126 Rotterdam (2)
G126 Rotterdam (3)

G126 is een kleine alternatieve expositieruimte voor kunst en design. Zichtbaar vanaf de straatzijde is 24/7 werk te zien via wisselende exposities. 's Avonds is de ruimte verlicht tot 23.00 uur.
G126 is een initiatief van kunstenaars voor kunstenaars op non-profit basis. Naast expositieruimte voor kunstenaars is het mede bedoeld als positieve bijdrage aan de publieke ruimte en het cultuuraanbod van het Oude Noorden en de stad Rotterdam.
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