Calhoun Smith

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"Screens", De Observant, Amersfoort

Tentoonstelling 02-10-2017 t/m 22-12-2017 > Amersfoort
Calhoun Smith Screens , De Observant, Amersfoort

New work by Calhoun Smith on display at De Observant in Amersfoort.

Calhoun Smith

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Artist working with photography and other printed matter as material in composite works. Uses manual as well as software-based techniques in the creation of prints, constructions, and animations.

Calhoun Smith Amersfoort

Mixed Archive, 2018, newsprint, pigment ink, linen thread, wire, 60 x 53 cm

Calhoun Smith Amersfoort (2)

Conspiracy Archive no.2, 2018, newsprint, pigment ink, linen thread, wire, 53 x 59.5 cm

Calhoun Smith Amersfoort (3)

Hogeweg #2, 2014, photo-composite, pigment print, 120 x 80 cm

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