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An Iconography of Chance: 50 Photographs of the Evanescent South by Tav Falvo

Tentoonstelling 07-09-2018 t/m 20-10-2018 > Den Haag
HOK GALLERY An Iconography of Chance: 50 Photographs of the Evanescent South by Tav Falvo
ber 2018: Soft opening
7 – 10PM
50 PHOTO’S: An Iconography of Chance is a psycho-iconography of the gothic
South of the United States. Captured in black & white photographs by self-confessed
outsider-looking-in, Tav Falco of the avant-garde rockabilly band Panther Burns.

Here it is: the urban specters, rural fables and visual clichés that have made the
American south a netherworld of dreams and a necropolis of terrors.

The soft opening of this exhibition on Friday 7 September is a special event,
presenting the collector and connaisseur a first easy view at the 50 black & white
silver gelatin prints 30 cm x 40 cm struck from the original negatives.
It is to be followed by two other, no less special events:

Vernissage in presence of the artist: Friday 14 September 19h00-22h00
HOK Gallery, Mauritskade 77 in The Hague.

Artist’s talk + lecture by Tav Falco: Saturday 15 September 19h00-22h00
Any Record, Geest 32a in The Hague.

“All my best things are in HOK”

HOK is a tiny gallery at Mauritskade 77 in The Hague (The Netherlands). Right around the corner of the Denneweg. Every two months the whole floor is given to just one artist at a time. With her exhibitions, gallerist Angela van der Helm-Rookmaaker is going for the limit. Distorting art, preferably on the edge of against-the-grain underground pop culture. Music, film, comics or women’s magazines: nothing wrong with transgressing a few boundaries now and then. Each exhibition is accompanied by a limited edition publication, dedicated to that one artist.


Thursday 5-7 PM
Friday 2-7 PM
Saturday 12-5 PM

Outside of opening hours: by appointment

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