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Arpsianisme POP UP exposition

Tentoonstelling 16-08-2018 t/m 06-09-2018 > Den Haag
HOK GALLERY Arpsianisme POP UP exposition
On display until 9-7 (Tav Falco expo) Arpsianisme is an ongoing project by underdog poet Mr. Pelham and Lula Valletta . The works shown at HOK are the result of an invitation by the Grafische Werkplaats Den Haag to create work for the 5x2 exhibition.

“All my best things are in HOK”

HOK is a tiny gallery at Mauritskade 77 in The Hague (The Netherlands). Right around the corner of the Denneweg. Every two months the whole floor is given to just one artist at a time. With her exhibitions, gallerist Angela van der Helm-Rookmaaker is going for the limit. Distorting art, preferably on the edge of against-the-grain underground pop culture. Music, film, comics or women’s magazines: nothing wrong with transgressing a few boundaries now and then. Each exhibition is accompanied by a limited edition publication, dedicated to that one artist.


Thursday 5-7 PM
Friday 2-7 PM
Saturday 12-5 PM

Outside of opening hours: by appointment

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